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Oct 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> caller: yes, please don't cut me off. i just want to see that those bailouts of gm and chrysler benefited nascar because they took all the money the taxpayers gave them and they put it back into nascar because they were still sponsoring it. also, this president does not care about the middle class. we have only had one res on the social security. my mother got a $30 raised, and this is going on for years now. he gets back in we will not get another one. the only reason he gave this one is because of the election. >> host: all right, reid willson. >> guest: with nascar, i will use this opportunity to plug the hot line a little bit if you don't mind. we put up an interesting post last week by two republican named michael shannon and will feltis on the consumer habits and how much they like their sports and which sports the like and how that correlates to the voting data. as you can imagine, nascar is a pretty republican sport but it's interesting to hear that apparently they're getting bailout money. i have not heard that. but check that out. go to hot lineon and see what
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to build chrysler and the other companies? ericson: definitely not. can i say one more thing about health care? mulken absolutely, definitely not. business should be the cream rises to the top. struggle as you might. it's just totally and completely wrong. that's what you call socialism and communism and it's taking from everyone to make a few people wealthy. it's wrong. >> section 10 of the u.s. constitutional amendment says the government is prohibited from creating walls or establishing organizations aimed at supporting more competing in the market for goods or services and shouldn't the states for the states run goods and services. regulatory laws governing the market shall be constrained by applicable sections of the constitution as amended. congress has six years from the date of ramification to adjust the current law and eliminate federal organizations and payment to the steve organizations to support or provide marketable goods and services. >> moderator: thank you. mr. macgovern? macgovern: i wouldn't support the bailout of government failed businesses. i believe and as i'
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2